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When it comes to your social media planning, we are all about making you feel safe, comfortable and stress-free. We encourage you to contact us for a free 1:1 consultation!

We’ll review your current online presence and together we’ll discuss your needs, as well as the resources available to you for your brand-new digital strategy. Whether you’re a brand or a business, an individual or a team, an educational- or non-profit organisation; we want to help you make your digital duties a piece of cake!


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Brand Design & Strategy

Allow us to tailor an optimized look and feel for your social campaigns that is in line with your overall brand and design strategies but will also enhance your digital presence and effectiveness. If you’re just starting out, great! Let’s develop a logo and design roll-out that will let you hit the ground running!

Social Media Management

Let us manage your social media and take a load off for you ! Custom images, video and posts created with your brand strategy and business KPI’s in mind. We’ll monitor and reply to messages and interactions. Let’s save you time and get you back to what you’re passionate about!

Audience Analytics

We’ll do the boring so you can do the business! We’ll simplify your analytics and funnel the information into actionable reports and insights for you, allowing you to take informed and strategic action within your digital strategies and paid online marketing campaigns.


Give your social media platforms a voice that echoes your business’ brand identity. Together we’ll develop copy and hashtags that suit your brand, creates relatable, engaging online content and assists in achieving your key business objectives.

Training & Workshops

We offer training and workshops to equip start-ups, small business owners and go-getter individuals with the know-how and tools in order to flourish as online brands. Keep a look out on our Training & Workshops page for dates and available packages here.

Website Development

Your website, the mother ship, should be your home base, your safe space, the place where your customers can really get the essence of what you’re all about. Your website is where we’ll funnel your leads for info, freebies and sales. Let’s help you develop a website that builds interest, trust and a loyal audience.

We’ll Show You How It’s Done

Don’t have the funds available for a monthly social media management service?

But you have an online brand – and it needs help!? 

We’d love to teach you how to make your digital duties fun, feel good and easy!

Join us for our next “Digital It Yourself” Workshop!

Currently we only offer workshops in Gauteng, South Africa; but do contact us for consultation enquiries and on-site training rates; or keep an eye out for our online trainings soon available here!

We’ll help you make your social media a piece of cake!

It has become essential for every brand and/or business to not only have an online presence but one that is consistent across all platforms with its own unique and impactful digital branding. We’d like to help you make this possible, as well as simple and sustainable!


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